Florestal Santa Maria


Brazil, Mato Grosso, Region Central-West


REDD, Sustainable Forest Management




30 years


71,714 ha 


about 1 million t/year


Florestal Santa Maria S/A


Rainforest Alliance


Rainforest Alliance


Markit Environmental Registry


The project area is situated in the north of the Central-West Region of the Mato Grosso state in Brazil and has an extent of about 71.713 ha. It is a privately owned hacienda, solely dedicated to sustainable management of its native forest. Tropical native forest is the richest ecosystem with respect to biodiversity and globally one of the most important carbon sinks and storages. Once a forest is cleared, it takes centuries up to one thousand years until native forest will be established again. The FSM-REDD project aims for a multiple usage of forest resources while at the same time protecting the ecosystem in the long term. Besides the selective logging also the skidding is done carefully with harming brushwood and other trees only as much as necessary. Additionally, the native forest will be used as source of medicinal plants and other non-timber products existing naturally in the forest.

Environmental benefits
The sustainable forestry operations are warranted through the Forest Stewardship Council. By implementing its particular protection system the project contributes to reduce the deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazonian region. It will avoid the emission of 997.000 t CO2 per year by eliminating illegal deforestation of the tropical rainforest. Furthermore a waste separation system for the Florestal Santa Maria S/A was installed and will be transferred to neighboring communities.

Social and economical benefits
A professional educational program started in 2014 and trains the foresters in new lines of action about the topic forest and its economic and at the same time long–lasting usage. For the children and adolescents a technical school was constructed where among other subjects sustainable forest management is taught. It exists already a waste management plant, which facilitates the access for research institutions to the area of investigation nearby the town of Colniza and simplifies the cooperation on location. In addition to strengthen the local economy new suppliers were developed.

Logos: The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance, Verified Carbon Standard
Florestal Santa Maria Project will comply with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Forest Stewardship Council Standard (FSC).

Project Developer

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