CO2OL Tropical Mix Reforestation, Panama


Darien, Veraguas and Panamá, Panama


Reforestation of mixed forest


CarbonFix respectively Gold Standard Transition Project, CCB Standards, FSC®


25 years


860 ha


94,565 t/year


ForestFinance Group / CO2OL


Rainforest Alliance


Rainforest Alliance


Markit Environmental Registry


Degraded pastureland is reforested with a mixture of mostly native tree species. Sustainable and high quality timber production is hence combined with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration. The project is validated according to the CarbonFix Standard and is now one of the so-called “Transition Projects” managed by the Gold Standard. The social and ecological benefits of the project have further been validated under CCB Standards. A unique feature of the project is its additional FSC® certification. CO2OL / ForestFinance is not only the project developer but also manages the reforestation on site.

Ecological benefits
• High share of native tree species
• New habitats for trees and plants
• New corridors for migratory species due to afforestation on different fincas
• Erosion control and water protection

Social and economical benefits
• Long-term fair employment for the local population (more than 150 jobs created so far)
• Integrated capacity building and environmental education programmes

Logos: The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance, Verified Carbon Standard
The Tropical Mix Reforestation Project in Panama complies with the CarbonFix Standard, the Gold Standard Transition Project, the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) and the FSC.

Project Developer

Logo: ERA
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