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Do you know your company’s carbon footprint? Are you aware of your main sources of CO2 emissions and hence of your energy consumption? After all, aside from releasing greenhouse gas emissions, there is also an economical price to pay for burning fossil fuels. Calculating your corporate carbon footprint (CCF) is the first step towards a systematic emissions management, which then will allow you to best know where to cut CO2 emissions and costs. Our three different co2-explorer packages enable you to specifically measure and manage your CO2 emissions.

The packages:
•    co2-explorer Basis
•    co2-explorer Premium
•    co2-explorer Supply Chain

You can also offset your assessed carbon footprint via one of our forest conservation projects. More than effective climate protection, these projects provide numerous ecological and social benefits. Choose one of our three most popular projects or opt for our ‘Klimaschutz interNATIONAL’ combination product. This product allows you to link specific nature conservation and climate protection activities in Germany with an international forest conservation project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a preliminary offer.

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