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15.04.2016| Press releases

CO2OL and Forest Carbon Group have merged their business operations

CO2OL and Forest Carbon Group have merged their business operations and now jointly offer climate protection and sustainability solutions for companies and organizations

24.07.2015| Press releases

Forest Carbon Group GmbH begrüßt Zusammenschluss von ForestFinance und Offsetters Climate Solutions

Umfassende Partnerschaft ermöglicht internationale Kooperation und Ausbau des Geschäfts in den Bereichen Projektentwicklung, CO2-Management und Beratung. 

25.03.2015| Events

FCG presents first Sustainability Report

The Forest Carbon Group has carefully examined its business operations in the past year. The result of this analysis is a comprehensive sustainability report in line with the internationally acclaimed standard GRI G4.The publication of such a report is unusual: companies of a similar size of the FCG rarely report their sustainability issues – especially when it’s their core business to improve sustainability in other companies.

24.02.2015| FCG in press

The role of CO2 for European and international climate policy

In this interview with the website "Sustainable Natural Resource Management", Georg Schattney, CFO and COO of the FCG, talks about CO2, trade with carbon emission certificates and the work of the FCG. 

17.02.2015| FCG in press

Carbon neutral - what is possible for the customer?

The article published in the recent edition of the magazine “Brennstoffspiegel” describes the customer’s options to compensate the carbon emissions of his energy usage by climate protection certificates. In this context, the cooperation between the FCG and Entega and the Mai Ndombe project are described exemplary.

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