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24.02.2015| FCG in press

The role of CO2 for European and international climate policy

In this interview with the website "Sustainable Natural Resource Management", Georg Schattney, CFO and COO of the FCG, talks about CO2, trade with carbon emission certificates and the work of the FCG. 

17.02.2015| FCG in press

Carbon neutral - what is possible for the customer?

The article published in the recent edition of the magazine “Brennstoffspiegel” describes the customer’s options to compensate the carbon emissions of his energy usage by climate protection certificates. In this context, the cooperation between the FCG and Entega and the Mai Ndombe project are described exemplary.

19.02.2014| FCG in press

Berlinale goes for green compensation

This article in the brochure Greenfilmshooting informs about the cooperation between the FCG and the Berlinale 2014. The FCG analyzes the carbon footprint of the Berlin International Film Festival and and compensates the inevitable CO2 emissions through reforestation and forest conservation projects.

22.01.2014| FCG in press

Core business instead of CSR

This article by Michael Sahm, Director Strategic Marketing & External Affairs of the FCG, in the Global Compact Germany provides approaches and suggestions how companies can incorporate the value of natural resources and the environment into the pricing of their processes and products.

14.01.2014| FCG in press

Companies determine their own pricing signals for carbon dioxide

In this article by Stefan Paravicini, published December 24th, 2014 in the “Börsenzeitung”, the problematic situation at the European market for carbon emission certificates is described. Furthermore, Georg Schattney of the FCG shares his opinion on the demand of German companies for the reduction of carbon emissions.

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