Project Developement

Protecting and restoring forests are among the most effective weapons in the fight against climate change. Therefore, we develop, finance and market forest conservation and reforestation projects for the carbon market. We strive to support projects in areas that are under critical threat, and that address biodiversity, social and economic issues. We provide direction for project design and implementation, carry out the approval procedures, control the monitoring and appraisal of the projects and supply the forest carbon offsets. Subsequently, we oversee implementation and verification for the whole duration of the project.

High quality standards

All projects are monitored and certified by independent and licensed auditing companies. They meet the highest internationally recognised standards like the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance Standard (CCBA) and Goldstandard. Together with our project partners we guarantee that project risks are hedged and that no “virtual” forest carbon offsets are generated and traded.

Diverse and solid

The Forest Carbon Group works mostly in forest rich parts of North America and tropical rainforest countries in Africa. Generated forest carbon offsets are guaranteed, and issued in the form of so called VERs (Verified Emission Reductions), and can be traded on the voluntary carbon market. We develop our forest projects in close cooperation with the local people, communities, and relevant partners in governments and civil society. Trust, transparency and solidity are our guiding principles.

Tailor-made projects

We support companies that wish to develop their own project. In doing so, we offer them a more holistic approach towards carbon offsetting (which is called "insetting"). It combines traditional offsetting with designing as well as running your own green carbon project which is relevant for your supply chain. Insetting provides your company with a comprehensive tool for corporate marketing and communications. The FCG will design, develop and manage a tailor made project which promotes nature conservation, climate change mitigation and securing vital resources for companies sourcing, production and supply chain.

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