Forest Investment

The Forest Carbon Group offers financial investment products which aim to utilize the value of sustainably managed forest land, mostly located in Latin America, to create economically and environmentally viable investment opportunities. Customers can choose between various products based on environmentally sound reforestation and sustainable forest management.

We strive to combine lucrative investments on one hand with social and environmental improvements on the other hand. These investments also make sure that a significant amount of carbon will be naturally stored in biomass and soil. Carbon credits generated by these projects form the early basis for the return on investment. Companies can use carbon credits for their own sustainability strategy, business development or trade them at the carbon market. Those who favor this kind of investment promote climate change mitigation as well as nature conservation and smart resource management, and reduce poverty and underdevelopment.

Impact Investment

The Forest Carbon Group supports and finances civil organisations and small businesses that are rooted and accepted in a project region and which are already successfully working on improving the socio-economic and environmental situation. We offer customers the possibility to invest directly in forest projects and, as a result, achieve economic, social and ecological improvements at the local level. The investment is primarily aimed at creating a positive impact on people, local communities and regions involved. This means that the focus is not on the return on investment for the investors but on improving the living conditions in the project area. Those who opt for this type of investment not only promote climate protection but also help to combat poverty and contribute to preserving the environment and natural resources. This added value explains the high quality of carbon credits generated through these projects.

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