Carbon reduction

Companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only help to stabilize the world's climate but can also significantly cut in-house costs. There are several governmental programs for the private sector which encourage energy saving and support corporate action; we can help you to identify and utilise them.

Protect the climate and reduce costs

The Forest Carbon Group offers tailor made solutions to detect and implement energy saving potentials. To reduce emissions companies need to design their operations more efficiently and realise saving measures. Emissions can also be avoided to some extent, for instance when business travel is replaced by video conferences. Often, it does not take much effort to cut operational costs while at the same time promote climate protection. Forward-looking companies have already realised this win-win situation. While minimising resources and strategically positioning as consistent sustainable, companies can achieve a competitive advantage.

Forest Carbon Group - your partner for corporate environmental action

We offer your company the following options:
•    Designing a comprehensive climate and sustainability strategy
•    Advising on efficiency actions
•    Introducing environmental management systems
•    Establishing energy management systems

Offset unavoidable emissions

The next step on your path to become a more sustainable company is to offset currently unavoidable emissions by investing in reforestation or forest conservation projects. Companies that can provide a convincing case for sustainable corporate action are far better positioned in the marketplace. Why? Environmental requirements from the supply-chain and customer awareness regarding corporate sustainably strategies are increasing, and pressure from stakeholders and civil society is growing.

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