Carbon Offsetting

We help your company to make products and processes more sustainable. We assist you to do your business more climate friendly, and at the same time reduce costs and consumption of resources.

There are several tangible economic arguments to offset currently unavoidable emissions: Increasing environmental requirements from the supply-chain, increasing customer awareness regarding corporate sustainably strategies, and growing pressure from stakeholders and civil society. Carbon neutral business strategies enable companies to better position themselves in the marketplace, gain new customers and secure existing ones. Companies that act now will gain a competitive advantage.

Forest Carbon Group – your partner for environmental action
We offer you the following offsetting options:
• Carbon neutral company
• Carbon neutral product
• Carbon neutral event

Contact us if you have any question regarding carbon offsetting. We advise you on your climate protection strategy, we calculate your corporate and product carbon footprint, and help you to choose the appropriate offsetting project according to your corporate needs. We also assist you to best market and communicate your company’s environmental actions. Doing all this, we minimize your technical input through standardized procedures and maximize your benefits by using comprehensive sales tools.

Forest carbon projects – more than climate protection
We offer our clients natural carbon storage by developing and managing reforestation and forest conservation projects. These projects are much more than carbon sinks, they provide manifold social, environmental and economic benefits: Improving people's livelihoods in the project areas, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (deforestation causes 17 percent of global emissions), and protecting biodiversity. From an economical perspective, they are a step forward to create a price tag for ecosystem services.

High quality projects
Our forest carbon projects meet the highest international requirements for quality and transparency. They are certified to well established standards like the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance Standard (CCBA) and Gold Standard. Their integrity is assured through a lengthy process in which science, industry and civil society collectively develop quality criteria which are constantly evaluated and improved.


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