Value of the forest

The value of forests

In the world of tomorrow we will meet our energy requirements from renewable sources, protect the environment in which and from which we live, recycle materials and products once they have been used, and utilise resources moderately and sensibly because they are finite and this ensures the wellbeing of following generations. We at the Forest Carbon Group are aiming to bridge the gap between economics and ecology – and thus support our customers to make the transition to a greener and low carbon economy. We have devoted ourselves to forest conservation, reforestation, sustainable forest management and agro-forestry because intact forests and their manifold functions for climate, biodiversity, water cycles, soil protection, and food security are essential for mankind. Through our business model we enable people in the poorest regions of the world, to break the vicious circle of deforestation, environmental degradation, poverty and marginalization, and improve their economical as well as social conditions. We also support organizations in North America and Europe to finance nature conservation. At the same time, we enable companies mostly in industrial countries by investing in our projects to position and structure their sustainable corporate strategy, create new business opportunities and secure their existing businesses. 

Forest protection – father of the sustainability concept

The Earth’s forests are crucial for the future of humanity.

No climate protection without forest protection

Forest protection holds an outstanding position for climate protection. Without forest protection there is no climate protection.

Stop the chain reaction

Forests shelter the greatest biodiversity worldwide: Tropical rain forests cover only six percent of the Earth’s surface but almost half of all species worldwide can be found in them.

More than wood and cropland

Throughout human history forests have been the engine and victim of economic development. They supplied the raw materials for settlements and ships and later for the coal and steel industry and the railways.

Nature does not need us. But we need nature.

Forests supply people with numerous so-called "ecosystem services": precipitation, erosion and soil protection, temperature buffers.

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