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Mankind is currently using one and a half planet´s worth of natural resources for living on just one planet. If we don't do anything, we will no longer be able to control the impact of our actions anymore, let alone pay for it. The Forest Carbon Group will use its capacities to counteract this trend. FCG therefore initiates, finances, develops and markets reforestation and forest conservation projects. Intact forests are protected, degraded forests are reforested and others are sustainably managed.

More forest. More value

Why are we engaged in forest conservation? Forests are vital for humanity. They are home to the largest variety of species on earth. They are indispensable as a source of food, fiber, fuel and fresh water. They provide livelihood for more than one billion people. And, they naturally store, besides oceans, most of the carbon on the planet.
We cannot live and work yet without releasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere but we can reduce and offset emissions. Offsetting crucially contributes to the conservation of nature. Our projects increase the natural carbon storage capacity of biomass and soils. But they have a much bigger effect: Significantly improving the social, economic and environmental conditions of people in the project areas.

We’re taking the initiative

Our work enables people in the poorest regions of the world to break the vicious cycle of deforestation, environmental degradation and poverty, and improve their life. At the same time we enable companies to position themselves strategically through investing in these projects, to develop new business opportunities and to secure existing ones. For us, sustainability has nothing to do with charity but is an integral part of entrepreneurship. We need to gradually incorporate environmental assets into corporate balance sheets to preserve them and continue to be able to use nature economically.

Business strategies to safeguard our climate and resources

Many instruments currently applied to preserve and restore forests, especially in tropical countries, rely on carbon markets, charity and development aid. Although praiseworthy, they alone won't be sufficient to provide the necessary capital to protect our natural resources in the long term and on a large scale. These mechanisms do not adequately address complex economic issues relating to land use. Destructive practices will continue until more sustainable and profitable opportunities for producing timber, food and fuel are created. We need to develop business strategies that integrate sustainable timber and bio-energy production, more intensive but climate smart agriculture, along with payments for ecosystem services and other environmental assets. That is why we combine the "carbon finance" element in our projects with other funding options and revenue streams for the participating partners, companies and local communities.

FCG is member of B.A.U.M. Initiative "Wirtschaft pro Klima". More.

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